12 January 2012

Prima Industrie announces formation of Prima Electro North America - a leading specialist in electronics, computer numerical controls, and laser sources

Prima Industrie announces the formation of Prima Electro North America. The new organization, based in Chicopee, was formed by the merger of the former Convergent Laser Division of Prima North America and is the result of the organization changes and re-branding announced by Prima Industri in March 2011.

“The new Prima Electro North America is a leader in electronics, CNC, general motion controls, and laser technologies. The company is responsible for sales and service of the OSAI brand of CNC and general motion control products and DOTS® (Dedicated Off The Shelf) electronic assemblies within North America, and for design, manufacture, sales, and service of the Convergent brand of high-power laser sources for industrial applications worldwide,” stated Terry L. VanderWert, President of Prima Electro North America.

“By bringing together the OSAI and Convergent operations into an integrated unit, we will better serve the needs of the North American industrial market and further grow our business,” reported Mr. VanderWert. “Both OSAI and Convergent have great histories in their respective businesses which we intend to leverage for the benefit of our customers.”

OSAI was a pioneer in the development of computer numerical control (CNC) technology dating back to the 1950’s. Starting in 1957 as part of Olivetti, OSAI was a key player in the transformation of the global machine tool industry into the computer age with the use of CNC technology, eventually becoming part of the Rockwell Automation Group. Acquired by Prima in 2007, all of OSAI’s present products – CNC controls, servo drives, motors, HMI’s and automation – are used in Prima products.

OSAI products are also marketed to OEM manufacturers and end users outside the Prima Group where they have a particularly strong position in the wood, plastic, glass, and stone working industries which account for around 80 percent of OSAI sales worldwide.

The Convergent product line and history is equally impressive, according to Mr. VanderWert. Convergent lasers have become the world standard in laser processing for a broad range of high technology products, including advanced aerospace engines and complex medical devices. Today’s Convergent brand of high powered lasers include the CX, CP, and CV series (2.5 to 6KW) of industrial CO2 lasers and the CL series of high peak power Nd:YAG lasers. Originally designed and manufactured primarily for use in Prima products, Convergent lasers now will be marketed to outside original equipment manufacturers (OEM’s) and end users, according to Mr. VanderWert.

DOTS electronics offer the flexibility of a custom design with the cost, performance and reliability of an off-the-shelf solution. Current customers of the DOTS brand include manufacturers of robots, machining centers, trains, underwater systems, pick and place machines, fuel cells, co-generators and air compressors.

“The OSAI, DOTS and Convergent product lines and their innovative technology will now become available to a wider spectrum of customers,” reported Mr. VanderWert. “Equally important, the combined and deeper Prima organization will provide complete ongoing customer service, which is key to our customers’ growth and success.”

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