12 January 2012

Laser Marker is a Star Performer for Dentafix

Dentafix UK Ltd is a dynamic company specialising in the manufacturing of high quality dental and surgical hand instruments for the world-wide market under the Nova brand and private label (own brand). The instruments produced by Dentafix are used under many different brand identities across Europe, North America, Asia and Australasia and have established an enviable reputation for quality and performance.

With over 30 years’ experience, the company now produces in excess of 30,000 instruments each month using the highest quality stainless steels, ensuring top performance and long life. Meticulous attention to detail and stringent quality assurance, backed by investment in the latest technologies and systems, has maintained Dentafix’s position at the forefront of the dental and surgical instrument industry.

As part of an ongoing programme of continuous investment, Dentafix recently introduced a new laser marking system from Rofin-Baasel UK Limited. This marks the end of a lengthy process to identify and purchase a system capable of meeting the stringent standards demanded by the company. The Rofin EasyMark E Line was selected by Dentafix as it is a compact, self contained and purpose-designed system for marking small instruments and components. The new laser offers the highest levels of accuracy and reliability, important attributes in a demanding production environment.

Laser Performance Generates Additional Capacity
Now fully operational, the performance of the system is such that it actually exceeds Dentafix’s production requirements. This additional capacity is now being offered to other companies manufacturing small to medium sized components which require high quality marking. By taking advantage of this extra capacity, companies who require small batch marking or do not have sufficient production levels to justify the purchase of a laser marking system, can still benefit from the high quality indelible marking capabilities of Dentafix’s laser.

The Rofin EasyMark laser system uses a diode-pumped Nd:YVO4 laser source and is capable of marking a wide range of metal and plastic components. With a marking field of 120mm x 120mm and the capacity to accommodate components up to 450mm x 150mm x 200mm in size, Nova will be able to process a diverse range of parts on a sub-contract basis.

Accepted as one of the most compact laser marking systems on the market, EasyMark operates from a conventional 240 volt power socket, does not require any external cooling, and has the same safety rating as a CD player thanks to the fully enclosed (Class 1) marking area. The self contained and compact desktop configuration means that the unit is easily portable, allowing more freedom in the choice of location and operation.

Rofin’s Visual Laser Marker (VLM) Software allows the layout generation and transfer of the required marking data to be sent straight from a PC to the laser marker, providing the flexibility required for quick set up and frequent changeover.

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