13 February 2012

UV Excimer Laser

The BraggStar S-Industrial series is a versatile UV light source delivering excellent performance for all types of FBG writing (phase mask and interferometric) as well as high spatial coherence applications in general. The BraggStar Series provides repetition rates up to 1000 Hz, pulse energies around 10 mJ and operates at 193 and 248 nm.

This type of laser is a highly effective tool, featuring a compact design, and easy installation and operation by using premix gases. Equipped with Corona pre-ionization and solid-state pulser technology, the BraggStar Series provides homogenous discharge behaviour for better pointing- and energy stabilities. Due to its special design features, the BraggStar S-Industrial represents a perfect tool to fulfill demanding requirements especially for FBG applications, proven by worldwide installations.

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