16 March 2012

GENTEC -EO Presents its new M-LINK Universal Laser Power & Energy Meter with Unique Noise Suppression Algorithm

UK distributor, Laser Lines Ltd, is pleased to announce the launch of the new M-LINK, Universal Laser Power & Energy Meter from Gentec. This new PC-Based meter has the advantage of being compatible with every type of head available (thermopiles, pyroelectrics and photo detectors), in both power and energy modes.

The M-LINK is the best meter for precise low energy measurements, down to the femtojoule level, thanks to its unique noise suppression algorithm.
The new M-LINK is USB port-powered and is controlled via a unique LabView interface that presents many displays and measurement features. The meter also has an external trigger to help you synchronize it with your pulsed laser.

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