22 March 2012

Quantum Composers 9520 series pulse generators offer a unique solution for multiple pulse and trigger synchronisation

Quantum Composers 9520 series pulse generators provide a unique and flexible solution to synchronize multiple pulses and triggers for a wide variety of applications. The 9520 is also the only multi-channel pulse generator to permit differing rates for all the channels using new Clock-Divider functions, providing up to eight independent digitally controlled channels with width, delay, rate, and amplitude control on each output.

Quantum Composers 9520 pulse generator series surpasses current market technology providing 250ps timing resolution with up to 1ppm accuracy for delay and width and less than 200ps jitter. This multi-channel pulse generator and digital delay generator provides solutions to generate and synchronize multiple pulses for a variety of applications. It is the only multi-channel unit to provide independent control of rate, delay and width - permitting differing rates for all the channels.

The 9520 Series Pulse Generators now also offer dual inputs, functioning as dual triggers or trigger/gating through BNC or optical connections. This is particularly important to stop continuous pulsing with a secondary trigger signal. The user also has per channel source options and can keep specific channels free-running and other channels triggered. Modular output boards provide a variety of output options, allowing the customer to customize their own instrument from stock. The output modules selection array includes both TTL/CMOS with adjustable amplitude, 35V high voltage electrical, and optical at either 820nm or 1310nm. For those working with optical triggering, optical inputs are also available.

Photonic Solutions currently have an eight channel 9528 model here in stock available for demonstration purposes.

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