23 April 2012

DILAS Launch New Tailored Bar Modules

ES Technology Limited, the United Kingdom distributor for the comprehensive range of DILAS diode laser components, is pleased to announce the release of the new DILAS Tailored Bar Modules.

Conduction-Cooled, Fiber-Coupled Tailored Bars
The tailored bar architecture is an innovative breakthrough by DILAS and is specifically designed to achieve high-brightness output while maximizing fiber coupling efficiency for an overall high-efficiency product. The T-Bar was developed so that an automated active optics alignment can be utilized for efficient fiber coupling into a 200μm fiber.

Achieved through the optimization of semiconductor chip structures and optical parameters, the tailored bar (T-Bar) architecture delivers high beam quality and high power using standard micro-optic fast-axis collimators (FAC) and slow-axis collimators (SAC), all assembled with automated processes.

The device is a monolithic multi-emitter source which takes advantage of handling multiple emitters during each individual manufacturing step in order to lower complexity and enhance reproducibility of the beam quality and hence, the fiber coupling. DILAS Tailored Bars are available in powers of 135W, 200W and 600W in 200um core. These T-Bar fiber-coupled modules are ideal for research and development usage in direct diode applications as well as for fiber and solid-state laser pumping.

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