26 April 2012

Through-The-Lens Viewing Now Available For FiberMini Laser Processing Heads

Laser Mechanisms has expanded the capability of their popular line of FiberMini laser processing heads with the addition of through-the-lens viewing as an optional feature.

Though-the-lens viewing is a useful aid for aligning the laser head (tip centering), verifying that you are within focus, targeting the workpiece during weld setups and for monitoring dry runs to confirm precise tracking. And when entry into a work cell is not convenient, through-the-lens viewing is invaluable for remote monitoring situations.

"Adding through-the-lens viewing as an option on FiberMini fulfills the request from certain customers who want to combine it with more sophisticated vision applications," said Laser Mechanisms' Sales Engineer Mike DelBusso. "We even have some customers who plan to use FiberMini's new through-the-lens viewing capability for real-time process monitoring," added DelBusso.

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