26 April 2012

Volume orders from Laser Beam Products

We offer excellent value for money on large volume orders and regularly ship orders of hundreds of pieces. We can take blanket orders with regular, agreed delivery dates and we also work with customers that use Kanban scheduling systems. We can integrate our deliveries with SAP or other ERP demands.

Our well-established production processes allow us to produce and ship large orders within a few weeks, and we always deliver on time!

Our production schedules allow for rigorous testing and quality control and each part is individually inspected prior to packing. Our packing processes are equally rigorous and ensure that all parts arrive in a perfect condition, uncontaminated by dust or dirt and ready for immediate use or safe storage.

We can also use customer-issued packaging, and customer-issued labelling if required. Electronic copies of individual test results are also available for each part if needed.

We have many customers placing large orders with regular call-offs. For example one OEM CO2 laser manufacturer places an order based on an estimate of their annual needs and has a weekly call-off for their production and service departments. We also regularly supply hundreds of parts for the manufacture of Er:YAG dental lasers.

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