18 May 2012

Profiling specialist opts for Salvagnini

CNC profile cutting specialist, Luffman Engineering Ltd, has installed a new Salvagnini L3 Fiber laser at its manufacturing headquarters in Tiverton, Devon. The 3kW L3 is the first of Salvagnini’s second generation of machines, designed exclusively to work with Fiber technology.

Due to the absence of an optical path, the patented airplane-type carriage system structure has been lightened considerably. Together with a totally redesigned cutting head to improve the dynamics of the machine, the result is faster axis speeds with reduced energy consumption.
Complementing the company’s waterjet and plasma cutting systems, Luffman Engineering acquired the Salvagnini L3 to replace a 3 kW CO2 laser. The L3 is rated to cut 20mm mild steel, 12mm stainless steel and 10mm aluminium, as well as offering copper and brass cutting capabilities.

Salvagnini has now sold over 200 Fiber laser machines worldwide and can supply 2kW or 3kW sources with many automation options, including linking to Salvagnini automated panel benders and robotic bending cells.

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