15 June 2012

Raylase presents 3D position detection

As a worldwide innovation Raylase presented work piece position detection combined with a 3-axis subsystem at LASYS 2012. For the first time this enables detecting and processing of objects independent of their orientation and position in 3-dimensional space. This solution is based on the compact and modular Raylase AXIALSCAN subsystems, which, in addition to the basic version, are available in High Power, High Speed and Low Drift versions. Furthermore Raylase offers the system both as off-axis solution for big field sizes and as on-axis for small fields and for process validation.

Raylase is the first provider worldwide to combine 3-axis subsystems with position detection technology as a standard. The resulting system recognises reoccurring structures and objects in order to be able to process these independent of their orientation or position. Elaborate and time consuming positioning of the parts is thus unnecessary. Thanks to the standardised combination of position detection technology with 3-axis subsystems Raylase, for the first time, enables the combination of image processing and 3D labelling.

The AXIALSCAN-subsystems enables very small spot diameters within large field sizes. The resulting high power density of the spot allows for low system costs and a variety of applications such as cutting, perforating, welding, micromachining and 3D applications. A further feature of all AXIALSCAN models is auto-calibration, which results in long-term stability and lowest drift values. Additionally, versions for special fields of application are available – optimised Nd:Yag and CO” lens for high power applications up to 2,5 kW, dual motor drive Z-axis for high speeds and a water-cooled version in order to reduce drift effects.

The solution’s components for position detection are available as on-axis solution integrated in the subsystem and thus ideally suited for the processing of small field sizes, process monitoring, process testing and quality assurance. The also available off-axis version implemented at LASYS detects objects from outside the subsystem, which enables recognition of considerably larger field sizes of up to 1.500 mm x 1.500 mm.

The 3D position detection presented at LASYS 2012 is the first development by the new Raylase business unit Systems. Further product innovations from the area of image processing will follow shortly.

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