15 June 2012

Sales of Rofin's Latest Performance Laser Top 100

Since the Global product launch of the new Performance Laser at Laser World of Photonics in 2011, sales of Rofin’s latest manual welding laser have topped the 100 mark.

The new Performance, which represents the 7th generation of manual welding lasers from Rofin, features an entirely re-designed housing with a novel working chamber access concept, as well as many innovative weld-assist systems such as SPEEDmode, BURSTmode and Pulse Ramping.
This latest design, together with its wide range of welding features, has great appeal for users across a number of different industries. For example, the Dynamic Footswitch and SPEEDmode are appreciated by Jewellers, whilst IPMmode, with its excellent pulse-to-pulse stability, is favoured by users within the Medical sector.

The aesthetics of the new housing design, together with the touch screen, have been deemed to be a success by all users and these features alone have proved to be instrumental in the decision to purchase by some customers.

With the capability to weld platinum, gold, silver, stainless steel and titanium, together with other metals and alloys, Rofin’s new Performance Laser has once again re-defined the standards for manual welding systems.

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