20 June 2012

Metal mirrors for CO2 lasers with built-in alignment features - save customers time and money

Laser Beam Products (LBP), the UK’s largest manufacturer of CO2 laser mirrors, designs mirrors with features such as tapped holes, mounting flanges, alignment dowels and O ring grooves. LBP also offers mirrors with the reflective face machined at 45 degrees to a datum surface, often called “lipstick” mirrors.

Mark Wilkinson, MD, explains the benefits, “Our customers find that when they add up the total cost of a mirror, then include the mount, adjuster and support, it is much cheaper for them if we incorporate these features directly in to the mirror itself.”

Customers also find that having one monolithic mirror with built-in mounting and alignment, simplifies product assembly, speeds up alignment, and allows simple replacement of the mirror in the field. Shipping and the subsequent on site installation of optical equipment is more reliable too.

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