22 June 2012

Bystronic's miniature bike

In the photo the bike near the top of the paper was Bystronic UK’s smallest laser bike to date, cut from 1.6mm stainless steel. The very latest one in the foreground is only 2.4mm long and cut from 0.7mm stainless steel.

Production time was 2 hours, of which only 30 seconds was used to cut the bike: the remainder of the time to used to find it afterwards!

Dave Larcombe, Bystronic UK’s Managing Director, said, “I was so proud that I took one home for my son and, as I expected, he was amazed by it but in the same breath asked if it was possible to cut a bigger one!”

The bike was cut on a Bystronic flatbed fibre laser. A benefit of cutting with a fibre laser is that the spot size and heat created in the work piece is, on all materials, much lower than with CO2, giving greatly improved cutting detail. The new bike illustrates this very well.

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