3 July 2012

Happy Independence Day from JK Lasers!

To celebrate Independence Day on 4 July, global industrial laser manufacturer JK Lasers has ablated a celebratory message using a 400W single mode, continuous wave fiber laser and scan head.

The red and blue anodised aluminium plates measuring 1mm thick were ablated at a scan speed of 3m per second (1 pass) to reveal the American flag and the message ‘Happy Independence Day from JK Lasers’.

The process was filmed and is available to view on JK Lasers’ YouTube channel

Ablation trials carried out by JK Lasers have demonstrated that the JK400FL is particularly effective at removing thermal barrier coatings (TBCs) on jet engines and gas turbines.
By modulating the power, TBCs were removed cleanly and removal rates in stainless steel were increased eight times. For more information, download JK Lasers’ white paper ‘High Quality Ablation Using a 400W Fiber Laser’ for free from

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