18 July 2012

Turnkey laser gas solution helps The Premier Group to keep the Olympic flame burning

The Premier Group (TPG) is a leading Coventry-based engineering firm. The founding company was established in 1992 and has grown rapidly since then, employing over 100 personnel with a turnover in excess of £15m. TPG’s mission is to be recognised as the first choice for the supply of high quality prototype and low volume products and associated services. TPG strive to consistently produce components that have their unmistakable mark of quality, packaged and delivered in a professional and timely manner.

It was this uncompromising approach which led to TPG being awarded the contract to manufacture the London 2012 Olympic torch. More than 8000 torches will be manufactured, one for each torch bearer on the 2012 torch’s journey through the UK. The torch itself is an intricate and complex design including 8000 holes in its seamless aluminium form. Its successful manufacture would depend on the very latest laser cutting and welding technologies.

TPG award prestigious gas supply contract for the manufacture of the 2012 Olympic torch to Air Liquide UK Ltd.

The demanding build schedule meant nothing could be left to overrun. With two state-of-the-art laser machines on order and a new facility to prepare, TPG turned to Air Liquide UK Ltd (ALUK) to support their gas supply needs for the new lasers. ALUK immediately recognised that TPG had their hands full with preparations for the new site and offered to take full responsibility for the design, installation and supply of a turnkey laser gas system.
Complete LASAL laser supply solution Having recently launched the Air Liquide Group’s LASAL range of laser gases and equipment in the UK, ALUK were able to draw on the Group’s laser processing experience and used this to develop a complete supply offer tailored to meet TPG’s needs, now and into the future. A bespoke, turnkey solution was accepted by TPG, consisting of:

  • Project management by ALUK engineering experts
  • High Pressure Bulk Nitrogen assist gas for cutting of the torch
  • High Purity LASAL Oxygen for future cutting needs
  • LASAL Lasing gases for beam generation
  • Helium for welding
  • LASAL Gas Supply Equipment including manifolds, hoses and pressure regulation
  • A stainless steel pipework system for all the gases designed to ensure purity and performance requirements are maintained at all times

The Result
ALUK responded to the challenge from TPG. The entire project was completed in under one month from the award of the contract. Air Liquide’s sales, engineering and laser specialists were on hand at all times to support the project. As a result TPG had a gas supply system in place for the arrival and commissioning of their new lasers, leaving them to focus on the task of delivering their Olympic promise.

The successful completion of the project, prompted The Premier Group’s (TPG) Manufacturing Director, Gez Halton, to comment: “When TPG presented the Air Liquide team with the challenge of a complex design and install and a very short lead-time, they simply rolled up their sleeves and came up with the solution. No sharp intake of breath, no complaints, just action.” Denis Meagher, TPG’s Managing Director, added: “The efficiency and expertise of Air Liquide has enabled The Premier Group to progress a prestigious and time-critical project for an extremely high-profile customer, thus ensuring The Premier Group’s place in sporting history.”

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