29 August 2012

Mitsubishi launch new NX-F fibre laser at euroBLECH2012

Mitsubishi will be exhibiting for the first time in Europe there new NX-Fibre Laser. Hall 15 – Stand 14 from 23 – 27 October in Hannover, Germany.

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, Japan, has been a leading developer and supplier of laser processing machines to the global sheet metal processing market for over 30 years. The company enjoys a global market share in excess of 15%, with over 10,000 laser processing systems shipped.

The revolutionary new NX-F fiber laser
Model: ML3015NX-F
Movement system: Scanning light (axis XY: light movement)
Stroke (X × Y × Z) (mm): 3200 × 1600 × 150
Rapid traverse rate (min m /): (Single axis), (synthetic) 170m 120 maximum
Positioning accuracy (mm): (X, axis Y) 0.05/500
Repeatability (mm): ± (X, axis Y) 0.01
Laser output rated: 2500W
Maximum sheet thickness: 19mm mild steel / 12mm stainless / 5mm copper

The main standard equipment

  • Fiber laser oscillator
  • Z-axis linear drive
  • Head preset auto-focus processing
  • Safety cover
  • 64bitNC
  • NC-screen touch panel 15 inches
  • Palette changer
  • Dust collection mechanism and a multi-chamber
  • Camera for alignment processing
  • Output control function
  • Monitoring functions and protective glass
  • Bar code reader
  • It's auto-focus function

The new ML3015NX-F machine has been phenomenal since launch day in Japan, and now available in Europe. Customers can see how the speed, quality and low cost running advantages that the Mitsubishi machines can benefit their businesses, enabling them to deliver faster and more efficiently in their existing business sectors, and to move into new profitable sectors with the enhanced capabilities the machine provides.”

More about Mitsubishi’s ML30l5NX-F Laser Processing Machine
The new ML30l5NX-F laser processing machine incorporates some of the very latest breakthroughs in Fibre Laser Technology and design, combined with the latest control technology using a high-speed drive system, increasing the machine’s precision and throughput considerably.

The other major factor with the Mitsubishi ML30l5NX-F is reduced running costs.

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