11 September 2012

Sienna 800 Duo - Dual Wavelength Scanning Laser Stripping & Marking System At MD&M Minneapolis

Spectrum Technologies Plc, based in Bridgend, UK, will be exhibiting the latest model in their SIENNA range of laser wire stripping systems – the SIENNA 800 Duo.

The SIENNA 800 series brings exciting new capabilities to the standard SIENNA range with the introduction of high speed single side scanning optics for the ablation (including stripping and marking possibilities) of a variety of insulation materials.

The SIENNA 800 series is designed to house one of three laser types depending on the end application however the SIENNA 800 Duo version of this machine will contain two laser sources – a 50 Watt CO2 and a 30 Watt YAG scriber.

The SIENNA 800 series tooling offers a process area of 118mm by 118mm (4.65” x 4.65”) and is easy to insert and remove for repeatable processing. The material to be ablated is processed from above and a rotating jig is available to turn the part over to accurately process the underside.

The SIENNA 800 series is controlled by an integrated PC with color touch-screen and graphical HMI and USB port to ensure the equipment is simple to operate, delivering strip accuracies of +/-0.1mm (0.004).

The result is one machine that is capable of fulfilling a number of different end applications including:

  • Removal of insulation from hard to strip wire and cables
  • Stripping of magnet wire (patented process)
  • Stripping of flat laminated cables (FLCs) and other products where the insulation is bonded to the conductor;
  • Scribing metal shields;
  • Marking onto various surfaces
  • R&D applications.

The SIENNA 800 Duo will be available for demonstration at booth 1630 at the MD&M Minneapolis show, running from 31 October through 1 November 2012 at the Minneapolis Convention Center.

SIENNA™ is a Trademark of Spectrum Technologies PLC. Spectrum Technologies’ magnet wire stripping process is is protected by the following patents: USA - US 7632420 B2; India - 224343; China - 200480019423.2; Europe – EP164152; Japan - 2006-518357

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