13 September 2012

LVD unveils unique bending system, new laser cutting, punching and software products as it marks 60th anniversary

LVD Company nv celebrates its 60th anniversary in business with the unveiling of an innovative press brake automation system, a new laser cutting product, new control and interface technology, as well as more capable punching and programming/shop management software at EuroBLECH, Hall 12, Stand 50.

Unique automated tool setup technology revealed
At EuroBLECH, LVD will announce its most significant press brake product advancement in the last decade. The unique automated tool setup system is designed to address the fundamental issue of minimizing press brake setup operations.

New fiber laser system introduced
LVD extends its laser product family with the introduction of Electra FL, a high speed, sheet metal processing fiber laser system.

Powered by a high efficiency solid-state doped fiber laser source, Electra FL provides fast, accurate processing of traditional sheet metal materials such as mild steel, stainless steel and aluminium with the added versatility to efficiently process metals such as copper and brass. Increased beam absorption of the laser light by the material provides processing speeds up to 50% faster than CO2 laser sources in thin sheet metal.

LVD’s latest touch screen control and user interface, TouchTM-L, make Electra FL easy to use and operate. Touch-L employs a 19” touch screen and graphical user interface to efficiently and effortlessly guide the user through all necessary man-machine interactions.
Visitors to LVD’s booth will have the opportunity to experience first-hand the intuitive nature of Touch-L.

Punching and 75mm bending with LVD pullmax 720
The LVD Pullmax 720 200KN punch press delivers cost-effective punching, forming, marking, bending and tapping all in a single machine.

An efficient hydraulic press drive combined with rapid table accelerations and high hit rates increase productivity and lower the cost of per part production for prototypes, short or long run operations. The LVD Pullmax 720 handles workpieces up to 1500 x 3000 mm without reposition in material thicknesses to 8 mm.

Exceptional forming and bending capacity permits flanges up to 75 mm to be bent to any programmed angle. All tool rotation allows every tool to rotate a full 360 degrees for total flexibility. The machine’s 20 tool stations are designed to hold any size tool, up to a maximum tool diameter of 90 mm. Tool capacity can be increased with the addition of indexable Multi-Tools in 5- or 10-station configurations.

Automated handling options provide unmanned machine operation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

High performance press brake with new controller and user interface
LVD will also demonstrate the bending efficiency of its Easy-Form® 135 ton/3 meter press brake featuring the new TouchTM-B control and user interface.

Easy-Form Series press brakes are equipped with state-of-the-art hydraulics and electronics and will now feature LVD’s Touch-B CNC control (on select models), a powerful PC-based CNC control with intuitive features that shorten ‘Art to Part’ time and ensure optimal bending results from the first part.

The 19” touch screen control is enhanced by LVD’s new Touch-B graphical user interface, which will debut at EuroBLECH. Touch-B uses easy to follow graphical icons and visual indicators to display and control press brake functions, automating operations to simplify bending.

Visitors will also have the opportunity to witness firsthand the accuracy of LVD’s patented Easy-Form® Laser in process angle correction and monitoring system. This unique system ensures parts are bent to the correct angle from the first to the last bend.
The 135 ton Easy-Form Series press brake exhibited at EuroBLECH will also feature several enhanced options such as a T-axis sheet support unit and extended open height and stroke to accommodate the forming of heavier materials and more challenging profiles.

Compact ppec 35 ton press brake
The mid-range PPEC 35 ton 1.5 meter press brake showcased at EuroBLECH is fast, compact, simple to operate, and energy efficient. This PPEC models achieves bending speeds up to 20 mm per second, providing fast, accurate bending of smaller piece parts.

An Energy Reduction System (ERS) featured on PPEC machines reduces cost of operation by offering energy savings of up to 30 percent over comparable designs.

Integrated software suite
LVD will also demonstrate the power of its CADMAN® offline programming system.
CADMAN® is an integrated, PC-based CAD/CAM system that operates on a Windows® platform. It provides a seamless offline programming environment enabling users to combine fabricating design and programming functions into a single package.

A new workshop management tool, CADMAN®-Job, will make its debut at the show. CADMAN-Job organizes and schedules the fabrication shop workload, classifying and grouping jobs in the most efficient manner to increase throughput, minimize set-up time and streamline work flow.

CADMAN-Job complements CADMAN-OEE, an integration module used to examine and measure equipment productivity and performance effectiveness for a variety of sheet metalworking machinery.

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