17 September 2012

Brand new precision levelling line gives United Steels a UK first for successfully decoiling 20mm plate

United Steels has now successfully decoiled and levelled 20mm structural grades of mild steel. Feedback from laser users has been excellent and they are delighted the product has little or no residual stress after laser cutting.

Their new precision levelling line is unique in the UK and the configuration is designed to reduce residual stress after processing. They are still in the early stages of gathering data on the product but are working with leading industry experts to make sure they lead the market in providing reduced residual stress in both mild, structural and high strength steel grade sheet and plate from 4mm to 20mm in up to 2.1m wide and 10m long.

Laser users have always struggled with inconsistent results when processing heavy gauge sheet and plate. United Steels have proved that this was a result of inferior processing equipment and their substantial investment has already proved to solve the problem for many customers. The new levelling line can achieve these results with very high strength steel; up to 780N/m2 at 16mm thick meaning the line can process steel in thicknesses and strengths not previously possible in the UK. This means customers can purchase decoiled lengths of steel in up to 20mm thick making substantial savings on scrap.

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