3 October 2012

The fastest bending show on earth

The Trumpf In-Tech Open House (7th/8th and 13th/14th/15th November 2012) at their Luton Technology Centre always provides a UK launch platform for new manufacturing technology and this year’s event is no exception. Indeed In-Tech 2012 will introduce three new machines – the world’s fastest bending cell, a highly affordable fibre guided laser machine for thin sheet processing and a brand new compact automation solution.

For small parts, the TruBend Cell 7000 with automatic tool changer is unmatched. With an average cycle time of just 4 seconds per bend, its parts flow rate is twice that of a conventional bending cell.

Being shown for the first time in the UK is the TruLaser 1030 fiber with TruDisk laser. It has a universal cutting head for all materials and thicknesses and is highly cost efficient for thin sheet applications.

Completing the launch trio is the SheetMaster compact automation solution based on the TruPunch 3000 S11 machine that will be demonstrating skeleton free processing.

Although these are the three highlights, Trumpf In-Tech 2012 will feature every technology needed to give UK fabricators the competitive edge - CO2 and solid state lasers, punching and profiling, guillotining, bending and laser marking.

Anyone wishing to attend this production event is invited to register at:

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