25 October 2012

Trumpf expecting further sales growth

The Trumpf Group has achieved the highest sales in its corporate history, and is expecting growth to increase slightly more for the coming fiscal year despite the gradual economic slowdown. The announcement was made by the company at its Annual Press Conference in Ditzingen, Germany.

The company, which manufactures machine tools, laser technology and medical technology, achieved sales of 2.33 billion Euro at the end of fiscal 2011/12. In relation to the previous year's figure of 2.02 billion Euro, this corresponds to an increase of 15 percent – so Trumpf has beaten its pre-recession record.

"Trumpf benefited from the fact that a lot of customers caught up on investments that had been postponed during the recession", said President Nicola Leibinger-Kammüller at the press conference. She added that thanks to its highly flexible production systems, Trumpf had meanwhile quickly managed to adjust from recession to recovery, gaining market share worldwide in the process.

Orders received also rose at Trumpf during 2011/12. At 2.35 billion Euro, the figure was also sharply higher than the 2.22 billion Euro of the previous year. Profits also increased: after 185 million in the previous year, the company increased its income before taxes for 2011/12 by 13.8 percent, to 211 million Euro.

In Machine Tools, the company's largest division, sales rose by 17 percent to 1.89 billion Euro. The Laser and Electronics division also increased its sales by 14.8 percent to 727 million Euro – and in the company's Medical Technology division, sales rose by 4.4 percent to 184 million Euro.

The company's largest regional single markets in the past fiscal year were Germany (sales growth +14 percent to 671 million Euro), the USA (+23 percent to 274 million Euro), and China (+9 percent to 186 million Euro).

Trumpf is also currently detecting a slowdown in the global economy. "We are noticing that some customers are holding back on investments despite full order books, because the sovereign debt crisis in the Eurozone is making them nervous", said Nicola Leibinger-Kammüller. "Despite this, we are continuing to aim for growth in the new fiscal year, since we are well-positioned in the markets that count."

She added that Trumpf has, for example, doubled its production space in China. In the USA, too, the company has already seen strong growth over past months in contrast to the prevailing trend. Even in problematic markets like Spain, she pointed out, Trumpf has successfully increased its market share. "Even though times are slightly tougher at the moment, there are good opportunities in many regional or technology-based markets – and we want to take advantage of them as best we can."

Trumpf created over 1,000 new jobs over the past fiscal year, and more than half of them in Germany. The number of employees worldwide has now risen to 9,555.

The company sees innovations as a key factor in its success. This is why Trumpf considerably increased its investments as well as expenditure on research and development over the past year. The company invested 153 million Euro (previous year: 61 million Euro) in tangible and intangible assets. Expenditure on research and development rose by 22.4 percent to 193 million Euro (previous year: 158 million Euro). The R+D quota thus increased to 8.3 percent, making it almost double the average for the industry. 1,352 Trumpf employees work in research and development – 17 percent more than in the previous year. Leibinger-Kammüller: "It is only by making these major investments in the future that we can retain our technological lead over the long term."

Several of Trumpf’s latest manufacturing developments will be demonstrated in the UK at the company’s In-Tech Open House in Luton in November 2012. For further details and to register for the event go to website address below.

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