14 November 2012

Laser marking from Rofin - something to write home about

The flexibility and extensive capabilities of the laser are such that you are likely to find one in almost every aspect of manufacturing, whether it’s Industrial, Automotive, Medical or in this instance, producing decorative laser engravings on high quality writing instruments manufactured from wood.

For marking and engraving applications on organic materials such as paper, cardboard and wood, CO2 lasers are most commonly used.

The flexibility of the laser means that it can be used on many different types of wood and the applications can be equally as diverse as the range of materials that can be processed.
Rofin Lasers can be used to mark, engrave and decorate not only small items such as pens, and cutlery handles, but also larger items including signs, plaques, photo frames and even furniture.

Rofin lasers provide cost-effective marking solutions with excellent results and maximum operating efficiency. Depending on the marking application there is a choice between individual and preconfigured systems including CO2, Nd:YAG, Vanadate and Fibre Lasers. Rofin also provides laser solutions and systems for cutting and welding applications.

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