15 November 2012

Happy Diwali from JK Lasers!

To celebrate Diwali, the Hindu Festival of Lights, JK Lasers has percussion drilled a special message in a 0.5mm thick stainless steel sheet using a JK150PS pulsed Nd:YAG laser.

The JK150PS combines peak powers up to 5kW with short pulse lengths for increased flexibility and maximum control.

Processed at 1.2m per minute, the Diwali message demonstrates how the laser’s controlled heat input helps to create consistently sized and spaced holes with minimal distortion to the material.

Once the message was drilled, nine sparklers were lit using a galvanometer scanning head to direct the laser beam.

Single shot percussion drilling enables lasers to drill ‘on-the-fly'. This greatly increases processing speeds because the head is able to move continuously.

Drilling on the fly is often performed on round turbine engine parts, using signals from the motion systems encoders to trigger the laser at specific points around the component. Other applications include processing automotive filters and improving laminar flow control in aluminium aircraft wings.

To view the Diwali footage, visit JK Lasers’ dedicated YouTube channel

For more information about JK Lasers’ range of Nd:YAG and fiber lasers, process tools and software, visit the website below.

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