15 November 2012

PowerLine Prime 12 - ultra compact laser marker with excellent beam quality

The LASYS 2012 event in Stuttgart earlier this year, provided a promising insight into the new Rofin PowerLine Prime 12 ultra-compact laser. The PowerLine Prime 12 now complements the current PowerLine Prime Series. The laser markers within the Prime Series are extremely compact and easy to integrate.

The new PowerLine Prime 12 is a diode-pumped laser marker with a wavelength of 1064 nm. The laser operates in TEM00 fundamental mode. This ensures optimum focus and high marking resolution. With excellent pulse stability, the PowerLine Prime 12 is the ideal tool for demanding marking applications on different materials.

Flexible integration
and Low Operating Costs
The PowerLine Prime 12 is configured with standard interfaces and a 19” supply unit. The compact laser head and the detachable connections guarantee a high degree of flexibility in integration. 
The new laser also offers prime technology at a very attractive price. Low operating costs and a flexible service concept turn this laser marker to an efficient alternative for many challenging marking applications.

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