22 November 2012

LVD introduces fiber laser cutting system

Powered by a high efficiency solid-state doped fiber laser source, Electra FL provides fast, accurate thin sheet processing of traditional sheet metal materials such as mild steel, stainless steel and aluminium with the added versatility to efficiently process metals such as copper and brass. Increased beam absorption of the 1μm wave length laser beam by the material provides processing speeds up to 50 percent faster than CO2 laser sources in thin sheet metal.

Electra FL is designed from the ground up. LVD engineered the Electra to fully exploit the benefits of fiber laser cutting technology. Electra FL features a lightweight, high rigidity beam delivery system to allow for highly dynamic processing.

A compact, modern design, Electra FL maximizes uptime with an integrated shuttle table system that allows one table to be loaded while the machine is cutting on the other table. Table change time is only 30 seconds.

New touch screen control & interface
LVD’s latest touch screen control and user interface, Touch-L, make Electra FL easy to use and operate. Touch-L employs a 19” touch screen and graphical user interface to efficiently and effortlessly guide the user through all necessary man-machine interactions.

Touch-L also incorporates a part programming and nesting feature allowing users to import parts directly to the control, applying cutting technology and nesting sheets at the machine.

Efficient operation

Electra FL features the latest in fiber laser source technology with a wall plug efficiency of up to 30%. The maintenance-free fiber laser resonator utilizes superior ‘all in glass’ transmission technology to ensure ‘contamination’ free delivery of the beam to the cutting lens, resulting in no loss of performance due to optic contamination.

Modular automation options
Modular automation options further increase the productivity of Electra FL, maximizing throughput and productivity. The laser cutting system is offered with the option of a compact material warehousing tower (CT-L). Inclusive of an integrated load / unload system the CT-L system provides full capabilities for loading and unloading and includes a shelving unit for storage of raw material and finished parts.

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