22 January 2013

Laser Process to exhibit at the Southern Manufacturing Show 2013

Laser Process, the Staffordshire based laser cutting company, is set to take part in its sixth consecutive year of exhibiting at the Southern Manufacturing Show.

The Midlands based firm is keen to show off their subcontract laser cutting expertise and their streamlined methods of increasing productivity. The firm is also looking to showcase their recent £50,000 innovative Dugard ECO1000 vertical machining centre at the Southern Manufacturing Show. The investment allows the company to perform a range of secondary machining operations on parts they have laser cut. The operations made possible by this machine include drilling & tapping, chamfers, rebates, countersinking and counterbores.

Managing Director, David Lindsey of Laser Process said: “Southern Manufacturing is the largest regional engineering exhibition in the UK and, as such, we feel it is important that Laser Process is represented. We aim to confirm our status as a leading subcontractor and to further support our position as champions of quality and service.”

Year on year, the Southern Manufacturing show welcomes companies such as Laser Process to showcase their positive achievements within the industry, to a diverse range of exhibitors and potential customers.

Laser Process sees the Southern Manufacturing Show 2013 as an important networking opportunity with UK industry. The company recently gained an order from a customer they networked with two years ago at the show. On the back of this, Laser Process states that the annual show has a lasting positive influence towards increasing their industry presence.

Building upon a successful 2012, the firm has also taken on an extra 3000 square feet unit in Cannock alongside new staff to operate the new machine and for assembly operations. Laser Process is now keen to build upon their accomplishments throughout 2013.

The Southern Manufacturing Show takes place on the 13-14 February 2013 in Farnborough, Hampshire. It allows a high range of exhibitors and visitors to broaden their knowledge and expertise which will help them enhance their own services, products and industry prominence.
The leading show remains committed to the industry and demonstrates how the manufacturing industry has strongly rebounded from the recession.

The Southern Manufacturing Show has been dubbed as a positive, vibrant, marketplace for products and services. Laser Process states that the simple accessibility of the show is a powerful magnet for attracting thousands of attendees.

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