18 February 2013

New Fiber-Coupled Diode Laser System Delivers Up to 1kW Output

DILAS has announced their next generation fiber-coupled system, developed to meet the needs of volume production in industrial applications. The new DILAS SF1000/400 is capable of delivering up to 1-kilowatt output from a 400-micron fiber at 976nm, at a single wavelength.

Based on macro-channel cooled diode laser bars, DILAS’ fiber-coupled system features a compact footprint and convenient aiming beam. With a beam parameter product of 44mm mrad this system delivers 1-kilowatt through a cladding-mode free QBH high-power 400μm core diameter fiber, NA0.22 or an optional 800μm core diameter, NA0.12 fiber. The laser is also available with a Q5 (LLK-B) industrial fiber connector.

This fully integrated turnkey system includes a water-air-chiller, diode laser power supply, control unit enabling external interfaces plus chassis and metal-armored fiber. The 1-kilowatt system is designed with a user friendly interface for ease of integration within material processing workstations.

The new DILAS SD1000/400 system is ideal for material processing applications including: soldering, heat treatment and thin metal welding plus scientific research applications such as fiber laser pumping.

The full range of DILAS diode laser systems and accessories are available in the UK and Ireland from ES Technology Limited who are responsible for the sales, marketing and support of DILAS products within these territories.

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