15 March 2013

Advanced Laser Marking and Engraving

What if you could clearly identify a worn or failed part right back to the batch, the date and even the operator who welded it?
Carrs has invested in Trumpf's advanced laser marking technology to complement its laser welding service. Laser marking can be used for applying serial numbers, product labelling and even decoration. In Carrs' case it is most frequently used for traceability of parts but the technology has much wider application which we would be pleased to explore with you.
Any product you have welded by the company may additionally be engraved in house and indelibly with your part number, batch and serial number as necessary. The beauty of laser marking is that it can be applied equally to a flat or curved surface and the process imparts no thermal or mechanical damage to the product. This is especially important with delicate or electronic components.
Laser marking is also a useful weapon against counterfeiting of parts, as the laser treatment gives the product a signature which is exceedingly difficult if not impossible to reproduce faithfully; a useful deterrent against fraudulent (and potentially dangerous) pattern parts, and loss of revenue and reputation.

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