21 March 2013

New AccuFiz LWIR infrared interferometer from 4D technology

4D Technology have announced the release of the new AccuFizâ LWIR laser interferometer.

The AccuFizâ LWIR laser interferometer enables measurement of aspherical optics without the need for a holographic element due to its ability to capture high slopes. It is ideal for measuring concave, convex and afocal IR components, as well as IR telescopes and lens systems.

The interferometer operates at a wavelength of 10.6mm for an accurate measurement of polished and rough glass as well as metal.

The IR wavelength enables measurement of rough-ground optics prior to the final polish.

Available from Laser Physics UK the AccuFizâ LWIR laser interferometer can also be supplied with an optional, vibration-insensitive dynamic mode to enable measurements under almost any environmental condition without vibration isolation or turbulence control.


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