3 April 2013

Prima Power Laserdyne announces sale of second LASERDYNE 795 system to IPG Photonics - System to be installed in IPG's NTO IRE-Polus Russian Application Center

Champlin, Minnesota: Prima Power Laserdyne, the world leader in precision multi-axis laser machining systems, announced the sale of a second LASERDYNE 795 XS to IPG Photonics Corporation of Oxford, Massachusetts.

IPG Photonics is the leading developer and manufacturer of high-performance fiber lasers for industrial processing applications. The new LASERDYNE system will be installed at IPG’S NTO IRE-Polus application center in Moscow. As with the first LASERDYNE system delivered in 2008 to the Oxford, MA, USA facility, this system will be configured to operate with a variety of IPG Photonics fiber lasers. However, the focus of the work in Russia will be to explore the use of IPG’s line of QCW lasers for percussion and trepanning of aerospace quality holes. Identical development work currently is underway at Prima Power Laserdyne’s facility in Champlain, MN, USA.

Mark Barry, Vice President of Sales for Prima Power Laserdyne, said that this second LASERDYNE system installation for IPG Photonics is a result of the success that Laserdyne has had with the use of fiber lasers for its customer base and the promise that they hold for advancing throughput and quality in laser hole drilling.

“We are excited about the work that has been accomplished to date utilizing a high power fiber laser at Laserdyne and the work performed at the IPG USA facility,” Mr. Barry reported. “A large number of Laserdyne customers have embraced the use of fiber laser technology for sheet metal processing with excellent results. The Prima Group was one of the first laser processing system manufacturers to utilize fiber lasers, and enjoys a strong partnership with IPG Photonics. The Laserdyne 795 system delivered will be utilizing the latest LASERDYNE hardware and software features including the BeamDirector 3 design.”

“This approach will no doubt yield further advances in cutting, drilling and welding with fiber lasers,” Mr. Barry added. “Of interest to both companies is the entire area of aerospace laser processing where there is an opportunity to combine the motion and process control capability associated with LASERDYNE products with the beam quality and control of fiber lasers. This combination may be a game changer for aerospace manufacturing. We have already demonstrated the successful use of fiber lasers for cutting and welding. At the Laserdyne Open House held in October 2012, we presented for the first time our findings on the use of fiber lasers for drilling. Additional testing is ongoing in our application lab.”

IPG Photonics’ new 795 XS will be a six axis system and uses LASERDYNE’S latest and most powerful controller, the S94P. The system includes a full complement of LASERDYNE’S hardware and software features. The system will be installed and maintained by Prima Group technicians located in Russia who have received their training at Laserdyne.

Commenting on the sale, William Shiner, Director of Market Development for IPG Photonics said, “The expansion of IPG’s NTO IRE-Polus application center in Russia is a further example of the world wide influence our products are having on laser processing. As we continue to grow our capabilities to provide local demonstration and service to customers, we look forward to furthering our relationship with Laserdyne. The aerospace industry in particular is eager to investigate the promise of fiber lasers. Laserdyne has an unmatched record of providing the type of equipment that is essential in this area, and we feel that IPG lasers will also play a large role in the future.”

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