4 April 2013

Coherent, Inc. Accquires Innolight GmbH and MiDAZ Ltd

Santa Clara, Calif., November 1, 2012 – Coherent, Inc (Santa Clara, CA) (Nasdaq COHR) has acquired the businesses of Innolight Innovative Laser and Systemtechnik GmbH and MiDAZ Lasers Ltd, which together provide core technology building blocks for an emerging class of commercial, low cost, sub-nanosecond pulsed lasers for micro-electronics manufacturing.

Innolight is a leading manufacturer of low power, short pulse lasers for industrial applications like silicon processing, and ultra-stable continuous wave lasers used in demanding scientific applications like atom trapping. The patented MiDAZ technology enables simple amplifiers to be incorporated in a broad range of laser products delivering power scaling and long lasting performance in electrically efficient designs. The combination of Innolight’s semiconductor based architecture with MiDAZ amplifiers is anticipated to deliver a broad range of compact, low cost sub-nanosecond IR, Green and UV laser sources, offering best in class performance, value and footprint.

“The acquisition of Innolight and MiDAZ fits well into Coherent’s mission of providing cutting edge solutions to both industrial and scientific markets” states Mark Sobey, Executive Vice President at Coherent. “We are excited not only with the current Innolight product line, but also about the future ability to extend the performance in many dimensions based on combinations with MiDAZ and other Coherent technologies to address our customers application roadmaps.”

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