9 May 2013

JK Lasers at the Laser World of Photonics 2013

JK Lasers will be exhibiting at Laser World of Photonics this year as the exhibition celebrates its 40th anniversary. The show runs alongside the World of Photonics Congress and saw great success in 2011 when the Messe München hosted 1,075 exhibitors and over 27,000 visitors

As part of the GSI Group, JK Lasers will be exhibiting with their sister companies; Synrad and Continuum and visitors will be able to see the JK System 5000 in action on their booth; C2.410. Launched in 2011, the system has seen great success within a variety of cutting and welding applications. This compact, ergonomic enclosure can be customised to fit many applications and has been used for small volume batch production and process development investigations. It provides customers with a turnkey solution enhancing the benefits of JK Lasers’ product range.

The machine will be in action for the duration of the show, integrated with a JK200FL, our 200W air cooled fiber laser and will be processing fine cutting samples for visitors to take away.

JK Lasers will also display a selection of stand-alone, medium power, single mode fiber lasers, ranging from 50W to the newly introduced 600W unit, which will be launched in Munich. Our low order mode OEM concept for high power fiber laser modules will also be on display. Aimed at higher throughput cutting and welding applications, these modules can be used singly or combined to increase powers. A 1200W OEM fiber laser will be on display to demonstrate this concept.

Following the introduction of our 1kW fiber laser at the Laser World of Photonics in 2011, we have been expanding our high power range to include 2 and 3kW fiber lasers and as part of this continuous development, we will be introducing a 4kW fiber laser which will be available for shipment later in the year. This power level is rapidly becoming the “workhorse” for many industrial-processing applications and therefore this development will enable JK Lasers to meet almost all customer requirements.

A selection of these high power fiber lasers will be showcased in Munich demonstrating the various options available, including our field proven, internal two way time share unit; for increased manufacturing flexibility.

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