24 June 2013

Laser Mechanisms, Inc. And Vinyl Technologies, Inc. Settle Trademark Dispute

Laser Mechanisms, Inc. ("Laser Mech"), which is headquartered in Novi, Michigan, and Fitchburg, Massachusetts-based Vinyl Technologies, Inc. ("Vytek"), are pleased to announce they have settled their six-month federal court trademark dispute.

Laser Mech filed claims against Vinyl Technologies, Inc. in the U.S. District Court for the District of Massachusetts in a litigation initiated in January 2013, in Worcester, Massachusetts, alleging unfair competition under federal and state laws, and trademark infringement, among other claims. Throughout the case, Vytek has denied all claims.

The charges stem from Vinyl Technologies' recent adoption, use and promotion of the mark FiberCut in connection with selling complete laser systems, which were alleged to be likely to cause confusion with the FiberCut trademark used by Laser Mech since 2009 in connection with its well-known laser processing heads.

Recently, the parties have resolved their dispute. Laser Mech's President, Mark Taggart, has stated that he is thrilled that Vytek and Laser Mech have been able to work together to amicably resolve their dispute in a manner acceptable to both parties, and which recognizes Laser Mech's trademark rights in its "FiberCut" mark.
Both companies have agreed to keep the terms of the settlement confidential.

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