24 June 2013

Taking Material Processing to the Third Dimension

The latest turnkey laser solution from Rofin - MPS 3D (Modular Processing System 3D) - is designed for complex 2.5 D and 3 D material processing tasks. The system integrates both axis modules and control units into one compact housing.

The MPS 3D is a precise and flexible system which is ideally suited to a wide range of automated material processing tasks where 4 or 5 interpolated axes of movement are required. The MPS 3D can be configured for laser welding, laser cutting, laser drilling and laser structuring. The spacious working chamber, with its pneumatically operated door, provides sufficient space for multi-axis laser material processing, even with bulky work-pieces. Programming the MPS 3D, via CADCAM, is both simple and efficient.

(Rofin MPS 3D – designed for complex 3D material processing)

The granite bridge within the system allows the integration of direct beam sources such as Rofin’s ultra-short pulse lasers StarFemto FX and StarPico. Fiber-coupled laser systems like the StarFiber and LFS, as well as pulsed lasers such as the StarPulse and SLS from Rofin’s extensive portfolio are all capable of being easily integrated.


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