24 June 2013


DILAS, the diode laser company, has today announced the release of their next generation easy-to-integrate, compact, fiber-coupled, CW diode laser system; the COMPACT EVOLUTION.

Designed within a compact 19” rack-mountable chassis with 3HU, this next generation system release has major platform and interfacing enhancements. The new standardised diode laser control unit (DLC) can be used in a cross platform strategy for all of DILAS‘ industial diode laser systems. The DLC provides external interfaces such as the common analog/digital interface, BUS interfaces and remote access option allowing easy analysis and parameter settings.

The COMPACT EVOLUTION can be combined with DILAS’ processing heads offering camera and pyrometer options, and allowing closed-loop operation of the system in pre-defined welding-temperature ranges. This is especially useful for quality relevant applications in medical device manufacturing and automotive. This latest product offering from DILAS is also available with an optional fiber-input galvo-scanner, featuring a field of operation in which the laser spot can be freely addressed.

The COMPACT EVOLUTION is available up to 600W CW at 976nm wavelength and stable beam quality of 22mm mrad. The improved brightness allows for a variety of applications such as scanner based plastics welding with larger working areas or reduced spot sizes. In addition the COMPACT EVOLUTION is the perfect choice for thin metal welding, heat treatment selective soldering, brazing and scientific applications. Based on DILAS’ water-cooled tailored bar technology, this system does not require DI water.

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