9 July 2013

BOFA's new Intelligent Operating System is set to revolutionise the fume extraction market

UK based manufacturer BOFA International Limited is recognised as a market leader in industrial fume extraction. Their latest product release, the iQ intelligent operating system is packed with new and revolutionary features that look set to change the way that fume extraction is viewed in the future.

For most industrial process facilities and especially those where production is 24/7 “downtime” is the dreaded enemy of the production manager and his team and so any solution which helps maintain and maybe even enhance productivity through reduced maintenance would be welcomed news to all. The iQ operating system incorporates a method for monitoring the status of both the pre filter and combined (main) filter. Pre blockage warnings provide operators with ample time to prepare for a change and uniquely when a filter change is needed the system is able to indicate exactly which filter requires change, thus significantly reducing the uncertainly and time taken to undertake a filter replacement.

Where process or breakdown evaluation is required the iQ provides the facility to download operation data which can either be locally or remotely (via the internet) evaluated. In many cases the number of costly and time consuming service call outs may be reduced or even eliminated altogether.

The question of filter life and cost of ownership has always been a topic of debate. Experts will give their opinion, but until now little or no fact based data has been readily available to support such views. The download feature of the iQ enables users and sellers to record and evaluate time dated event logs which can be used to establish true filter performance profiles and support predictive filter life and cost of ownership models which can be used for production planning and to influence future purchasing decisions.

iQ fume extraction units can also be supplied with the very latest Smart Filter options. Once again BOFA have uniquely applied an innovative approach to filter management and by applying proven RFID technology can now give users added assurances that the correct specification and type of filter is being fitted and that the expected filter performance and working life will be achieved.

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