9 July 2013

MSS Lasers doubles the size of its headquarters

Following the opening of its new showroom in 2010, MSS Lasers has just doubled the size of its Rugby headquarters to 32,000 sq ft to cope with increasing demand for its nitrogen generation modules and pre-owned laser cutting machines. Managing Director, Carlos Gonzalez-Lee, says “The new facility has been purchased rather than leased as a sign of our long-term commitment to the industry. As well as giving us extra capacity to refurbish machines and build nitrogen generators it will improve both the operational efficiency and communication channels within the company by having everything under one roof.”

As part of the expansion programme Brian Harper has joined the company as the new Technical Director. He is well known within the industry and will be responsible for all aspects of after sales support. MSS Lasers has 12 Service Engineers and, as well as supporting its own machines, it offers independent service programmes for all major brands of laser irrespective of where it was purchased.

According to a 2011 survey by AILU, the Association of Industrial Laser Users, MSS Lasers came out top for service and support. To ensure continuation of these high levels of service quality the company has since invested in new software and introduced monitoring systems. These log customer calls and record key performance indicators for the service team such as response times, and the time taken to resolve a fault.

At any one time MSS Lasers has around 20 machines undergoing refurbishment as well as machines purchased just for spare parts. Having these machines available allows the company to offer exchange spare parts for older machines and deliver them, in some cases, quicker than the OEM supplier. To enhance its service offering the company has launched a new website which enables customers to request parts online and also see the range of refurbished lasers currently for sale. Experience within the industry ensures that MSS Lasers never offers obsolete lasers for sale and only supplies machines which it can properly support.

As part of the new facility MSS Lasers is offering a refurbishment service for laser resonators, which includes a comprehensive warranty. A major overhaul of a laser, often requires the resonator to be replaced, which can be extremely costly and time consuming. MSS Lasers has a dedicated laboratory used for the overhauling process and offers various refurbished resonators from stock. These units can be exchanged for faulty ones, minimizing cost and machine downtime. The service provided by MSS Lasers is the first of its kind in the UK, and makes it possible for companies to make significant savings and keep their machines running economically. Carlos Gonzalez-Lee, says, “We are continually developing our skills to offer our customers the most effective service in the market. By helping them to purchase reliable pre-owned equipment, save on nitrogen costs, and keep service costs to a minimum, we are delivering a real competitive advantage.”

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