9 July 2013

JMJ upgrade with trumpf trulaser 1030

Stevenage-based JMJ Precision Sheet Metal Ltd has installed a brand new TRUMPF TruLaser 1030 CNC laser cutter. The machine is designed to offer low investment and operating costs, making it ideal for manufacturers looking to embrace the latest profiling technology.

JMJ Precision is a 16-employee, ISO9001 accredited, subcontract fabrication business. Formed in 1986, the company has made steady progress and today supplies its services to a host of customers in industries that include medical and electronics. JMJ Precision, a long standing TRUMPF customer, last invested in its profiling technology in 2004 when it installed a TRUMPF TC L2530 CNC laser cutter and a TRUMPF TruMatic 3000 punch/laser combination machine. Both units remain operational but the company felt the time was right to step up a level by taking another look at the market for CNC laser cutters.

Although JMJ Precision enjoys the benefits of operating from its own 12,000 sq ft purpose-built facility, due to the company’s success and growth, space these days is at a premium.
“Basically we required a laser cutter that could better accommodate the growing level of flexibility the market now demands,” explains the company’s Chairman, Mark Lee. “The new machine had to be comfortable processing low volume batches, special shapes and thicker materials. However, we found few models of the required specification that could fit within the space we had available.”

Fortunately, the TRUMPF TruLaser 1030 has a compact footprint of just 7.4 by 3.3m, yet still provides a working range of 3000 x 1500mm. Furthermore, the machine is quick and easy to install – no drilling or laser gas installation lines are required. However, it is the machine’s ease-of-use that really sets it apart from comparable competitor models. The TruLaser 1030 offers an operating principle that is revolutionary in its simplicity. Here, dialog-based menu and explanations facilitate easy operation, while programming, offline or online, could not be more straightforward. In fact, even when programming on the shop floor at the machine, finished programs can be created in just five quick steps.
“We have a very modern attitude to business and machinery at JMJ,” says Mr Lee. “We appreciate that new investment can help secure new or increased work, and we’ve already managed to fill 80% capacity on the TruLaser 1030.”

One of the machine’s main attractions is its low initial investment, providing an economical entry into the world of laser cutting even if not used at full capacity. Profitability is further enhanced by minimal training expenditures – training modules are integrated – while low energy consumption is another particular feature. Such attributes are important as JMJ Precision reveals it has up to half a dozen direct competitors within a 10 mile radius.
Today the company provides a complete range of manufacturing services, including laser cutting, punching, robotic and non-robotic forming, and welding. Materials processed include mild steel up to 16mm thick, stainless steel up to 8mm and aluminium up to 6mm. Batch sizes are typically 30-50 off.

Full flexibility is a stand-out feature of the TRUMPF TruLaser 1030, whether it’s production at short notice, testing changes or manufacturing prototypes. The advantages of laser as a tool mean unlimited design freedom combined with high quality precision cutting.
“The production of components with high quality edge finishes and economical use of the laser tool are some of the reasons for adopting laser technology,” says Mr Lee. “Set-up times are minimal while control and programming techniques take care of a smooth production process from drawing to finished part. Ultimately there is nothing secret about our success – we invest in the latest state-of-art machinery and the latest computerised management systems to ensure customers get a quality product … on time.”

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