2 August 2013

Trotec: Setting new standards - a success story

Trotec’s innovative designs and products are constantly setting new standards, which, in turn, make our customers more successful. Leading the way in innovation, quality and having an uncompromising customer focus are important staples in Trotec’s success. As an innovation leader we offer a board product portfolio—from laser plotters, galvo laser work stations and Atmos exhaust systems to laser engraving materials.

A success story
Since the foundation of Trotec in 1997, the goal has been to be a global organisation which provides local customer satisfaction. Today, the Trotec team serve customers through our 14 subsidiaries, as well as distributors and service centres in 90 countries all over the world. Our UK head office is located in Washington in north east England.
The Speedy 100 and 300 platforms have contributed a lot to Trotec’s success. The Speedy family of laser machines stand for reliability, innovative design, precision and, of course, the highest speed and productivity on the market. The new Speedy 400 and Speedy flexx is a prime example of Trotec’s innovative leadership.

Contour cutting with i-cut
Our Speedy 300, Speedy 400 and Speedy 500 can be equipped with the i-cut camera system. This means printed signs, displays or POP materials can be cut on an individual basis using our laser technology and vision registration, and a camera system recognises any distortions in the printed design. The combination of the optical registration mark recognition system and a Trotec laser can generate process cost savings of up to 30%. Trotec is the only manufacturer offering a camera system for mid-size laser machines like our Speedy 300 flexx.

Speedy flexx for Maxximum Flexxibility
Speedy flexx machines are equipped with a CO2 laser source and fiber laser source, which is unique on the laser machine market. The Speedy 300 flexx is an exceptional flat-bed laser systems which ensures maximum flexibility. The system marks and engraves on all kinds of organic materials, metals, plastics and even mixed metals, which can be processed in only one step.

Thanks to Trotec’s new development—the Flexx-function—both laser sources can be activated in only one process step. Different types of materials can be processed in one job without the need to send multiple files or change the focus manually.

The highlight for Trotec customers is that their Speedy 300 can be upgraded to a Speedy 300 flexx at any time. Even if you don’t need the capabilities of the fiber laser in the beginning, you can always upgrade later as the needs of your business evolve!

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