2 August 2013

Cutting stainless steel at record thicknessess

The TRUMPF TruLaser Series 5000 flatbed laser machines can now cut through stainless steel up to 50mm thick and aluminium up to 25mm thick. This capability is thanks to the introduction of the TruFlow 8000 CO2 laser with 8kW of laser power. And it is also complemented by two further developments, the TRUMPF mirror cutting head for enhanced process reliability and the BrightLine option that considerably enhances edge quality.

This 8kW solution is ideal for those seeking a cost effective alternative to plasma or waterjet cutting and is particularly suited to the production of laser cut blanks. It is much more cost-effective than milling the part from bar material, a process that is very wasteful by comparison. The ability to use thick sheet instead also introduces the potential for nesting; saving material, machining time and therefore cost.

When compared to a TruLaser Series 5000 with 6kW laser, the 8kW combination is up to 33% faster during fusion cutting of materials thicker than 10mm. It can cut stainless steel at twice the maximum thickness of its lower powered counterpart i.e. 50mm instead of 25mm.
To take full advantage of the laser’s high output, the TruLaser Series 5000 machines fitted with the TruFlow 8000 are also equipped with a highly robust mirror cutting head. Its optical system assures a high degree of process reliability even in the presence of a considerable amount of grime. The mirror is extremely durable and requires low frequency maintenance.

he combination of the enhanced laser power and the new BrightLine option provides another quality benefit. Using a special mirror cutting head, with a 350mm focal length, the TruLaser Series 5000 machine produces clean and smooth edges, even in stainless steel up to 25mm thick.

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