11 October 2013

Charles Day Helps Sheffield Celebrate Stainless Steel Centenary

Charles Day (Steels) Ltd one of the UK’s largest profile cutting companies has been involved in various projects around Sheffield related to the stainless steel centenary.
2013 marks 100 years since Harry Brearley’s discovery of stainless steel in Sheffield. Charles Day (Steels) Ltd has been laser cutting stainless for some interesting projects around the steel city related to the celebrations including knives, artwork and jewellery.

Stuart Mitchell an artisan knife maker based in Sheffield was commissioned to design and craft a run of stainless steel centennial knives. Stuart came to Charles Day (Steels) to get his knife blanks laser cut. The grade of steel used was SF100 which is normally used for razor blades. Each knife was individually numbered and etched with the 100 years of stainless logo.

Local Sheffield artist Lucy Coyne contacted Charles Day (Steels) to be a sponsor of the steel city cascade, a stainless steel sculpture to be hung from the roof of the Sheffield Winter Gardens. The project was collaboration between Lucy and various schoolchildren within Sheffield to design and fabricate the suspended sculpture. It was the centre piece to the Sheffield Children’s Festival but also incorporates the 100 year stainless steel celebrations. The designs were drawn by various children from different schools around Sheffield and Charles Day fibre laser cut the various designs in bright annealed and patterned stainless sheet.

After another laser cutting supplier let Sara Unwin down, she came to Charles Day (Steels) for her Galvanize Sheffield Stainless Steel Jewels project. Sara required 100 pieces of stainless steel, laser cut to various shapes, so participating jewellers could turn it into a wearable item. The finished items will be exhibited in September.

Charles Day (Steels) has been thrilled to be part of these projects and welcome any more that may come along. In addition to laser cutting for artists and artisans Charles Day (Steels) are suppliers of a diverse range of profile cutting methods including laser, flame, waterjet and HD plasma to a wide range of industries. If you are interested in reading more information about these projects or finding more about Charles Day visit

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