14 November 2013

Mobile Laser Marking For Large Auto And Aero Parts

When it’s not feasible to take the part to the laser marker, TRUMPF’s new Mobile Marker is the ideal solution. It allows manufacturers to ensure full traceability of their products even if the parts involved are too large or heavy to move.

Mobile Marker provides the same speed and flexibility of a standard TRUMPF TruMark system. It is available as an option with the TruMark Series 5000. As a result the full functionality of the TruTops Mark software is at the user’s disposal. Static and variable text can be applied, as can bar codes and data matrix codes. Even graphics and logos can be included.

Process safety is ensured thanks to intelligent sensors, no additional measures are needed. By comparison with conventional marking methods, Mobile Marker is faster and more flexible. It applies highly durable marks with consistent quality. No consumables or wearing tools are involved and there is no need for pre- and post processing. So it’s cost and time efficient too.

The application scope of Mobile Marker is considerable but will be of greatest benefit to those in the automotive, aerospace and shipbuilding industry as well as subcontractors manufacturing large, heavy workpieces. Its compact design, low weight and easy handling gives Mobile Marker great processing freedom and the unit can also be integrated into production lines.

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