12 December 2013

New disk lasers provide big savings on energy costs

The TruDisk disk lasers from TRUMPF are reliable, flexible and highly economical, proven champions in reducing both energy consumption and operating costs. And now TRUMPF has added new technology at 6kW and 2kW power levels, however these latest additions promise even more.

They introduce intelligent energy management to cut running costs by another 25% and are also more compact than their forerunners. Their energy management system also senses when the laser has stood idle for a while and puts it in standby mode and optimises grid voltage quality.

TRUMPF TruDisk disk lasers use highly efficient diodes to pump the laser. Together with an optimised resonator design, resulting in efficiency gains of up to 70%, the system is capable of achieving overall beam source efficiencies of well over 30%. Compared to flash lamp pumped lasers this can reduce power consumption by up to 90%.

Thanks to its efficient heat exchanger and integrated water management, the TruDisk laser system cooling also makes a significant contribution to the green credentials of this design.
En route from resonator to the workpiece, the laser beam passes through a series of components - such as the fibre optic cable, control system and focusing optics. Through this process around 10% of applied energy is typically lost.

Calculations that only look at beam source power consumption often ignore these losses but TRUMPF is realistic and therefore the power figures quoted are for power at the workpiece not at the laser output hence factoring in the transit losses.

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