9 January 2014

Versatile waterjet is ideal for subcontractor's needs

Waterjet Profilers Ltd of Basildon, Essex, opened its doors in 2010 with a Bystronic Byjet Classic twin-head machine, offering waterjet cutting to a wide variety of market sectors. With over 20 years' experience, managing director Richard Connelly is one of the UK's most experienced waterjet cutting machine users, with in-depth knowledge of all aspects of the technology and a comprehensive business background, from operating to managing.

The company has a proven track record within the aerospace sector and is accredited to AS9100 Rev C. However, it offers a 'centre of excellence' profiling service to all markets, delivering top quality parts on time at an affordable price. Other industries regularly served include defence, oil and gas, marine, motorsport, sign making, ceramics and marbles, and general engineering.

Mr Connelly said, "When we were researching the market for our first waterjet machine, as a subcontractor we were looking for a high level of versatility so we could produce all batch sizes economically, from one-offs to full production runs.

"We were keen to develop a varied customer base, so we needed to be able to change over from one material type to another with minimum downtime. On a daily basis we can switch from, say, 0.4 mm brass to 120 mm aluminium.

"We also wanted to utilise lights-out operation to maximise production output, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week."

The Bystronic Byjet Classic suited all of these needs ideally. It allows Waterjet Profilers to offer a two to three day turnaround on most orders, and the machine's 4 metre by 3 metre bed size enables most standard sheet sizes to be cut. Recent projects range from producing Airbus parts to a 7.5 metre diameter interlocking foam floor for Ant and Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway.

David Larcombe, managing director of Bystronic UK, commented, "The Byjet Classic has been developed for users who expect high functionality and precise profiling at an affordable price. Waterjet cutting systems in this product series can process an almost unlimited variety of materials."

The machine incorporates as standard a height sensor with integrated collision monitoring, which constantly controls the distance between nozzle and workpiece. Additional features include convenient access from three sides, high acceleration and cutting speeds, automatic nozzle calibration, precise CNC metering and monitoring of the abrasive feed to the nozzle, and options for pure water cutting, predrilling laminated materials such as composites, and automatic sludge removal.

Control is by the proven ByVision touch-screen CNC, a high-speed contouring system based on the latest multi-processor/multi-tasking technology. Up to eight different parameter sets per cutting plan are selectable, all parameters being directly coupled to the material database. Existing nesting diagrams may be used and waterjet engraving can be included in cutting programs.

The ByJet Classic has been so successful for Waterjet Profilers that the company has just ordered a second Bystronic machine, a compact ByJet Smart twin-head, 3 metre by 1.5 metre capacity machine. This best-selling model achieves fast traversing and processing speeds, without compromising the high quality of the cut.

The ByJet Smart has low operating costs due to the latest direct-drive high-pressure pump and ByJet HPT cutting head, whose top precision stems from infinitely adjustable pressure control. The pump's soft start during the ramp-up phase of the motors allows it to stop and start automatically between use, saving electricity when the machine is not cutting.

David Larcombe concluded, "We are delighted to be able to provide Waterjet Profilers and other UK customers with such a compact, affordable machine, yet with the Swiss quality, reliability and support that are synonymous with Bystronic.

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