15 January 2014

Evaluate Laser Processing On Parts

Manufacturers seeking solutions to challenging projects now have an opportunity to have parts evaluated for laser processing solutions. Laserdyne, a world-leading manufacturer of laser systems for over 30 years, will evaluate your part processing needs and recommend a solution.

Working from part CAD drawings, descriptions or sample parts, Laserdyne process engineers will provide direction to a quality, cost-efficient process solution. When using leading-edge laser systems, improved precision processes for laser cutting, welding and drilling 2D and 3D component parts are often possible. Solutions range from drilling, cutting and welding a wide range of materials from steel, to thermal barrier coated nickel based alloys.

“It’s not enough to offer the most advanced laser systems, it’s equally important that we offer processes and solutions that effectively address the new challenges faced every day by the manufacturing community,” reports Mark Barry, Vice President of Sales for PRIMA POWER LASERDYNE. “Whether it’s to design a process for a new alloy or finding innovative ways to provide a competitive edge, LASERDYNE is ready with ideas, answers and solutions.”

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