28 January 2014

Prima Power Laserdyne Receives Multiple Year End Orders for LASERDYNE Systems From Global Manufacturers

Prima Power Laserdyne, LLC announced receipt of multiple year-end orders for the company’s LASERDYNE® precision, multi-axis laser system technology. This follows strong order activity in the second half of 2013, which is forecasted to continue into 2014. These orders came both from global aerospace manufacturers and component suppliers, the company’s historical customers, and from a significant increase in new customers in a variety of industries.

The orders for aerospace related systems are from the domestic and international operations of US based companies and from European and Asian customers who manufacture and repair turbine engine components. Turbine engine manufacturing continues to reveal itself as a globally diverse industry. This was recently reflected in the hundreds of future aircraft ordered at the Dubai Airshow totaling many billions of dollars. As part of this order bonanza, Laserdyne recently received orders for its systems from leading manufacturers located in France, Turkey, Russia, China, Poland as well as the United States.

Future Aerospace Manufacturing Is A Powerful Driver Of Global Growth

“The global expansion of aerospace manufacturing has been building for years. This has been one factor in Laserdyne’s growth,” reports Mark Barry, Vice President of Prima Power Laserdyne. “Eastern Europe manufacturing activity is increasing and will augment U.S., Western European, and Asian aerospace manufacturing. Laserdyne’s growth parallels this expansion because our precision laser system technology has and continues to be integral to the production of new engine designs.”

“Beyond aerospace, laser based manufacturing in general is growing on a worldwide basis. Further proof is the number of welding applications that we are helping to develop not only in our traditional market but also for a wide variety of customers, again on a worldwide basis. A number of our recent system orders for example, are for Laserdyne systems with fiber lasers, another factor contributing to growth of laser based manufacturing. Laser processing offers distinct advantages in speed, precision, quality, and operating cost. It is fast becoming a standard tool in many forms of manufacturing. This is the case for the turnkey fiber laser systems and processes that Laserdyne offers,” Mr. Barry stated.

“The new and upgraded engine designs are key to an airline’s profitable growth. Increasingly, new designs and maintenance of current engine designs require manufacturing processes based on the latest, most advanced multi-axis laser technology. The same can be said for other industries. The result is that original equipment manufacturers (OEM’s) and tier-one suppliers are finding it necessary and profitable to invest in the best manufacturing systems available and that has often come to mean Laserdyne system technology,” Mr. Barry stated.

Laserdyne’s latest product offering, for which it has received orders in the recent November/December sales cycle, is the LASERDYNE 430 series of systems. The new laser system series is designed for cutting, welding and drilling of 2D and 3D component parts requiring exacting precision at an affordable cost. The 430 design offers great flexibility and options with multiple configurations for processing parts in various market segments requiring manufacturing flexibility, rapid prototyping and quick change overs. Market segments include medical devices, surgical instruments, precision mechanical components, electronics, drawn, thermoformed, punched and traditionally stamped parts as well as aerospace components.

This new laser system can also integrate LASERDYNE’S BeamDirector® motion and process control capabilities in a space efficient platform. The 430 BeamDirector is also capable of drilling and welding a wide range of materials ranging from nickel alloys to stainless steel, aluminum and titanium.

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