11 February 2014

Laser Mech's new fibreTOOL aids in the alignment of standard multimode fibres

Laser Mechanisms new FiberTOOLTM is a patent pending device that aids in the alignment of standard multimode fibers used with Nd:YAG, Fiber and Disk lasers.

Unlike thermal-based systems that have a delayed response between measurements, FiberTOOL produces a real-time output signal to the user that is a gauge of the alignment quality of the laser energy into the fiber optic's core.

Any time a fiber is removed and replaced, or a new fiber is connected to the laser source, FiberTOOL should be used to ensure proper fiber alignment and the condition of the laser launch system.

FiberTOOL can be used with all standard fiber connectors such as QBH, QD, HLC-8, LCA, LLK-D, LLK-B and others.

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