11 February 2014

Dr Mohammed Naeem Appointed Senior Manager

Prima Power Laserdyne, LLC, a world-leading manufacturer of industrial laser systems, announced today the appointment of Dr. Mohammed Naeem to the newly created position of Senior Manager, Business Development.

In announcing the appointment, Terry L. VanderWert, President, stated that Dr. Naeem “has begun to work with current and prospective customers to implement new laser processes, particularly advanced laser welding processes. He will also be responsible for documenting requirements for product development and processing R&D to realize these new opportunities.”

“Dr. Naeem is a valuable addition to Laserdyne because of his background in developing innovative laser processing technology, particularly in the area of laser welding, and his previous work with multinational companies,” stated Mr. VanderWert. “In addition to supporting efforts to continue to grow the business for LASERDYNE systems for producing turbine engine components where we are the market leader, Dr. Naeem will expand our focus on other applications and market sectors in which our precision multi-axis laser systems can provide the greatest value to users.”

Dr. Naeem comes to Prima Power Laserdyne following a 24-year career with GSI/Lumonics, Rugby, UK, most recently as global accounts manager and laser process development engineer. Starting with the JK Lasers Division, Dr. Naeem progressed through increasingly responsible positions developing and implementing laser processes for leading industrial customers in aerospace, automotive and electronics throughout the world.

Dr. Naeem holds a PhD from Loughborough University of Technology, Leicestershire, UK specializing in metallurgy and materials science. He has written technical papers for over 100 publications, most recently as a contributing author for the Handbook of Laser Welding Technologies. Dr. Naeem is also a frequently requested presenter at major technical conferences worldwide, including recent ones in Germany, China and Japan.

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