11 February 2014

Spectra-Physics Launches Breakthrough Ultraviolet (UV) Laser

Spectra-Physics Launches Breakthrough >60 W Ultraviolet (UV). The LaserQuasar 355-60 also boosts maximum repetition rate by 3.5x, shrinks minimum pulse width by 2.5x.

Spectra-Physics®, a Newport company, introduces Quasar® 355-60, an extraordinary UV laser that offers a groundbreaking >60 W with high >300 µJ pulse energies. Featuring TimeShift™ technology for programmable pulse parameters, the laser delivers dramatic advances of 33 percent in power and pulse energies, 3.5x in maximum repetition rate (0 to 3.5 MHz), and 2.5x in minimum pulse widths (<2 ns to >100 ns) over the >45 W Quasar 355-45 released last May. The new Quasar 355-60 transforms microelectronic device manufacturing, enabling major advances in both throughput and precision.

“Quasar 355-60 is an astonishing leap forward in performance and capability that propel mobile device manufacturing and other demanding applications,” says Scott White, senior manager, product marketing for Spectra-Physics. “The Quasar laser family has been shipping in volume for over a year, and our customers are delighted with its exceptional processing results and reliable performance.”

The remarkable Quasar laser is a hybrid-fiber laser, combining advanced fiber laser, power amplifier, and patented harmonics technologies to achieve unprecedented performance. Utilizing long-life components and state-of-the-art UV manufacturing processes, Quasar has passed extensive environmental qualification testing, and each laser in production is subjected to rigorous tests to ensure high reliability.

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