18 February 2014

New InnoLas UK Micro Machining Systems

The new InnoLas UK Ltd Micro Machining Systems (MMS) are designed or high precision material processing. The combination of an ultra-stable InnoLas Nanio laser source with granite structure and high precision stages enables sub-micron machining tolerances to be achieved.

The systems are compact, easy to use, require minimal maintenance and are housed in a Class 1 Laser Enclosure so that they can be located in most standard industrial or office environments.
The system can be fitted with a selection of high precision stages and a variety of InnoLas Nanio laser sources for processing at 1064nm, 532nm or 355mn.

With a built in vision system, external power monitor, extraction system and control PC fitted as standard the InnoLas MMS is a cost effective solution that is ideally suited to high precision processes.

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